Month: August 2018

Building SharePoint OnPremise and SharePoint Online Reusable Applications. Part 1: Architecture

Posted @ 12/15/2017  03:59 PM By José Ubaldo Carvajal IT-ROI Solutions are working on several SharePoint (On-Premise and Online) projects. We are constantly looking for updates on software development technologies […]

CA PPM Reporting via SharePoint and Excel Webinar – 14 Minute Clip

Posted @ 10/29/2017  05:11 PM By Marc Latreille Stop fishing for the right information and see how you can improve your data-driven decision making and reporting capabilities in less than […]

ServiceNow and CA PPM Integration with SharePoint – Your Single Source Enterprise Content Management System

Posted @ 10/04/2017  07:13 PM By Federico Pena Here is a short animated video all about Bob and his daily struggles with enterprise content management and decision making. The video outlines […]

Making the Right Decisions based on Data and Business Knowledge

Posted @ 09/21/2017  07:12 PM By Diego Angarita “If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles”, Sun Tzu At some point […]