CGUC Webinar- 2-way Excel Interface for Clarity PPM

Posted @ 11/29/2012  11:42 AM By Marc Latreille

A very informative webinar featuring IT-ROI’s PPM Excel Interface for CA Clarity PPM.

Webinar Information:
Recording Subject: Everything PPM Excel Interface
Organizer: Federico Pena (IT-ROI Solutions)
Date Recorded: Wednesday, Nov 7,2012 11:00 AM
Duration: 0:50 mins

We can also provide access to our sandbox or install on one of your Dev environments if desired.
Click the Register link on the page that opens to request a ca demo account to get started.

The Q&A session that followed is loaded with useful information about the product and how to download it.



Product Overview:
The IT-ROI PPM Excel Interface consists of a set of macros that are completely flexible and configurable for Clarity PPM. The tool enables users to easily extract Clarity data directly into an Excel document that allows bulk editing, validation and re-submitting of all the data inclusive of edits back into Clarity with the click of a few buttons. The tool also allows a means for users to update Clarity data with significant less clicks compared to the traditional GUI.