How to Add CA PPM Environment URL’s in XOG & Query Bridge

Posted @ 09/26/2016  03:33 PM By Marc Latreille

xog-query-bridge-tutorials.pngThis tutorial teaches how to add CA Clarity PPM URL’s to XOG & Query Bridge (XQ) in order to be able to submit data requests using the tool.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with our CA PPM URL Manager early on in your journey to becoming a XOG master with XQ. The faster you can connect to your environments with no URL hassles, the faster you can get your work done.

To add a CA PPM URL, it is necessary to specify a URL and an Alias. XQ does not validate whether the entered URL is a valid CA PPM URL, this is up to the user. The URL Alias is an attribute to easily identify and differentiate specific CA PPM environments addresses. Specifying an URL Alias is mandatory when adding CA PPM URLs to XQ.

Selecting a preferred URL will allow you to immediately access the URL when executing a query or developing aXOG request.

It is possible to permanently add these URLs in order to avoid the need of typing them repeatedly. This task is done using the CA PPM URL manager that can be accessed directly from the home screen.


   XOG & Query Bridge Web – Accessing CA PPM URL Manager from XOG & Query Bridge Home Screen


Only the root URL should be entered. There is no need to include the /niku/xog to the URL since this is automatically added by XQ. Please pay special attention to the way the URL is entered, as it may result in an error when submitting the requests.


(error) Incorrect:

(tick) Correct:

Once added, a new CA PPM URL will be listed under the “Your URLs” section in the URL manager. Previously added URLs can be edited or removed using the icons at the right side of the addresses list.

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