Making XOG friendly – How to build data extracts and integrations from/to CA PPM

Posted @ 06/24/2016  06:52 PM By Marc Latreille

xog-ca-ppm-webinar.jpgReplay this webinar for all novice and experienced XOG users who have a need to perform data extracts from CA PPM and integrations out of CA PPM.

No XOG training, no problem.

The webinar shows how to use our XOG tool to help you fully leverage the CA PPM API easily. Plus, learn advanced XOG operations with the ins and outs of the CA PPM API.


  • Overview of IT-ROI’s GUI for XOG
  • How to use CA PPM’s Query API
  • How to perform data extracts direct from NSQL
  • Dynamic SQL to NSQL converter
  • In-depth questions & answers session