Migrating SharePoint to Office 365 – Replay the Webinar

Posted @ 04/29/2016  02:30 PM By Marc Latreille

Check out this educational webinar, IT-ROI’s founder Federico Pena shares the ups and downs of the process of moving Microsoft SharePoint to Office 365 and what it means to your PMO. Plus he shares all the great resouces and links used in the webinar.



Resouces from the Webinar

  • Get access to the links and resources used in the webinar to help plan your migration. The resources shows what is supported from SharePoint on-premise vs Office 365, and the different types of Office 365 plans and what you require.
  • Plus use the questionnaire shown in the webinar as its a business decision, not always an IT one. Lots of organizations make these types of decisions by their IT department, but as a business decision, you want to be careful, you want to make sure it fits your business model, this questionnaire will provide a good answer whether your organization is a good fit to migrate or not.
  • Also with helpful insight between cloud or on-premise – where is your organization at, and how smart it is to migrate right away, or how quickly you should start planning on migrating.


sharepoint-vs-office-365-pmo.jpgWebinar Topics – SharePoint Migration to Office 365

  • The pitfalls explained
  • The pros and cons of 365 vs. on-premise
  • Integrating your PMO tools – on-premise vs. 365
  • Collaboration- 365 vs. on-premise
  • Links to the resources used in the webinar

Replay the Webinar