CA PPM 14.2 & Jaspersoft – Rego Experts Discussng New Features and Solutions on air at PPM Hangouts

Image Credit: Rego Consulting Posted @ 06/12/2015  05:50 PM By Marc Latreille There sure is plenty of hype these days around CA PPM 14.2, and for great reason with the new […]

CA PPM 14.2 Tips & Tricks – Jaspersoft Server as a Windows Service

Posted @ 04/29/2015  05:38 PM By Luis Palacios As new releases come out, there are always new Tips & Tricks to be shared with the CA PPM community. OOB Jaspersoft […]

CA Clarity PPM Action Items XOG API – Download

Posted @ 04/28/2015  02:23 PM By Marc Latreille The Action Items XOG API was unpublished functionality that CA developed for CA Clarity PPM Version 12. We got our hands on it, […]

Enterprise Application Integration for CA PPM – Best Practices Workflow

Posted @ 04/27/2015  09:53 PM By Marc Latreille During our CA PPM Enterprise Application Integration Best Practices Webinar last week, there was specific interest and time spent around the Integration workflow info-graphic. It […]

XOG & Query Bridge (XQ) Web Version Change Log

Posted @ 03/26/2015  04:47 PM By Federico Pena Date: July 6, 2016 XOG & Query Bridge Version 1.4.0  New in 1.4.0 Menu integration with Integration Manager. Several usability and performance improvements. Bug […]