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XOG (XML Open Gateway) Best Practices Webinar UK Edition – Replay the Webinar with Q & A Transcript.

Posted @ 03/23/2015  01:30 PM By Marc Latreille The webinar was a huge success with our valued partner in the UK CQC Solutions, We had the best Question & Answer session to […]

CA PPM XOG Best Practices Webinar Replay with Questions and Answers Transcript

Posted @ 01/27/2015  02:23 PM By Marc Latreille Replay the Webinar Webinar Recording Date: Wed, Mar 11, 2015 – Replay the Webinar XOG Best Practices Topics: Batching XOG Files Using XSLT with […]

Webinar Replay – Integrating Microsoft Excel & SharePoint with CA PPM to Drive PMO Success

Posted @ 11/16/2015  08:04 PM By Marc Latreille In this webinar, hosted by CA Technologies, Federico Pena, president of IT-ROI Solutions shows how the power of Microsoft Excel and SharePoint can dramatically increase your PMO’s […]

Do the 4 Step CA PPM SharePoint Integration – New Product Announcement

Posted @ 08/06/2015  05:34 PM By Marc Latreille PPM studioBoss gives organizations the ability to make CA PPM completely bi-directional with Microsoft SharePoint. If a picture says a thousand words when […]

CA PPM 14.2 & Jaspersoft – Rego Experts Discussng New Features and Solutions on air at PPM Hangouts

Image Credit: Rego Consulting Posted @ 06/12/2015  05:50 PM By Marc Latreille There sure is plenty of hype these days around CA PPM 14.2, and for great reason with the new […]