CA PPM XOG Best Practices Webinar Replay with Questions and Answers Transcript

Posted @ 01/27/2015  02:23 PM By Marc Latreille

Replay the Webinar

Webinar Recording Date: Wed, Mar 11, 2015 – Replay the Webinar

XOG Best Practices Topics:

  • Batching XOG Files
  • Using XSLT with XML
  • XSLT examples
  • Fixing Dates, (Language, NLS settings)
  • Unicode vs ANSI
  • Auto numbering with XOG
  • Complete=True
  • Delete=True
  • TSV and XOG
  • Query API
  • CA PPM tools and add-ons: XOG & Query Client

XOG Best Practices Questions and Answers Transcript:

Q – Can we get API to XOG action items?
A – Ask our Expert Support Team, and they will send you the API call for updating Action items.

Q – What is Federico using for running the XOG? I only have used command prompt to this point. #caxog
A – We will ask Federico your question shortly, thanks. #CAXOG We have a free to use CA PPM XOG and Query Client tool that he is using: …

Q – Is the web-based CA PPM XOG client version of this tool available at no cost?
A – Yes it is, here you go also if you are in the US, I
have a Desktop version I can mail you – if in Europe CQC solutions has some they can mail if you like. Or, you can download the XOG & Query Bridge desktop version here.

Q – Twitter link request – #CAXOG Feedback page for the CA PPM Tool -XOG & QueryBridge: … Thanks for sharing!

Q – How can you identify which XOG field will take NULL or blank?
A – 
There is no clear definition on precisely how to do this, like Federico’s analogy during the webinar “ZOG is like poker – 5 minutes to learn and a life time to master”, this is one of those life time to master things. It’s not clearly defined, so it will be trial and error, but either one of the two will work.

Q – Is the XOG & Query tool CA PPM on-Demand compliant? 
A – Everything with on-Demand must be done via a supported platform. XOG is just SOAP calls, so our tool utilizes API’s, hence making it on-Demand complaint.

Q – How do you load documents for on-Demand?
A – See minute 33:25 of the webinar for the detailed answer.

Q – Can we transform the XML with the XSLT in CA PPM other than the web based tool that was just shown.
A – Absolutely – XSLT is common and there are free tools readily available, there limitations on size though. Luis Palacios mentioned that some XSLT tools can also choke CA PPM, so make sure to split your XOGs.

Q- Can you explain what cannot be ZOGed?
A – See minute 36:50 of the webinar for the detailed answer.

Q – Is there a way to XOG Action Items? 
A – Yes they are XOG able, CA Clarity v12 (possibly Global Delivery) came up with a mobile App and they added the API for Action Items. Action items can only be manipulated, added, or removed  for yourself, you can’t change the status of Action Items for somebody else.

Q – Are there any XOG Bridge Examples and Documents on the site we can start with?
A – #CAXOG Here is the link to the XSLT Examples and Tips & Tricks file:

XOG Services and Web Services Descriptive Language (WSDL)

The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) describes the available XOG services
and indicates how to communicate with the services. WSDL is used with SOAP and the
XML schema to provide web services over the internet. You can connect to a web
service and read the appropriate WSDL file to learn what functions are available on the